Mar 13, 2008


There have been protests worldwide over the adamant posture of the Moroccan authorities to release Blogger Fouad Mourtada who was sentenced to three years imprisonment for creating a Face book profile of a Prince of the Moroccan Royal house.On March 1st,over one Hundred and fifty Moroccan bloggers took to the streets in Rabat,demanding for Fouad's release. Some Moroccan Bloggers have suspend their blogging activities in solidarity with the jailed Fouad.Protesters have also protested in Paris,London and some other major cities.The Moroccan authorities are making a hero out of Fouad.Lets keep hoping that with this level of protest,the Moroccan authorities will yield to the voices of public protest and set the innocent young man free.His family needs him.To Fouad:Hang on,with your head up.!

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