Mar 30, 2008


Childhood was fun.My first major break,that saw me winning a prize, was at the annual Christmas party,way back in the good old days,at St. Thomas' Teachers College,Ibusa.All the kids residing in the staff quarters are hosted to a Christmas party every Christmas day.We were made to recite poems.The then Principal of the college,Rev.Fr. Jones,an Irish priest,playing the Santa Claus,will hand out toys and books to us,after every good poem,well recited.I can still recall vividly,how I stood before the huge Priest and other children,with sweat on my forehead and knees shaking, to recite what was then my most favorite 'poem': 'Sweet mother,I no go forget you...For the suffer wey you suffer for me yee! When I de hungry,My mother no go chop,When I de sick,my mother no go sleep...She no de tire eh,Sweet mother............'
Everyone reeled with laughter.I was unperturbed.My excitement knew no bounds when after I had recited my 'poem',Fr. Jones handed me a beautiful cartoon book of Walt Disney characters.Honestly, even though Prince Nico Mbarga's 'Sweet Mother', did the trick,It took me years later before I could really appreciate the meaning of the 'poem' I rendered. Today,as Mothers in the Catholic Church observe mothers day,I will gladly recite that good old poem again...A very wonderful Mother's day to all great moms all over the world.


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Happy Mother's Day to all the good mothers on earth.

Today was a beautiful and wonderful day as six mothers did the dedication of their babies at the parish of the Christ Embassy Church on Bonny Island in Rivers state. I honoured the invitation of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Douglas for the child dedication of their first child, Precious.

Cheers and God bless.

'Yar Mama said...

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