Mar 22, 2008


Orikinla will surely be stirring the hornets nest within the Naija Bloggers community, with the contents in her recent post titled 'Many Nigerian Girls and Women Are Shameless Liars.'She accused Nigerian female bloggers of lying 'about many things to hide their insecurities and indignities.' Specific mention is made about a 'young Nigerian publisher of a glossy fashion magazine who shamelessly lied' in her blog about a Valentine's day romance that never happened and so on.Do we need all these mud splashings and dirty G-string washing in the Blogger's community? Or could this be another prologue to a new adaptation of the V-monologues stuff? We don't need this drama.

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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I am a man.

On the Nigerian girls and women posting fiction as fact on Nigerian forums and their blogs, let us expose all lies and liars.

No storm will be gathering.

Nigerian bloggers have paid their dues since 2003 to date and it would be bad to let anything disgrace us. The sooner we spot it and stop it, the better we would be.

Lies and liars are the cankerworms of the corruption destroying Nigeria.

"THE PAPERMOON" scandal on Nairaland was the worst and for a notable Nigerian publisher to come on line to lie to her readers is doing more damage to the already tarnished image of Nigerians and Nigeria online.

To keep on sweeping the filth under the carpet is not the right way to clean the environment.

I read it and I believed the content of her post and was shocked when she confessed to me in private that it was not true.

Please, this not what you have called it, MUDSLING.
This simply saying the TRUTH and as Jesus Christ said, only the truth will set us free and not falsehood.

Happy Easter.

Cheers and God bless.

I love the title of your blog and the title will be good for a blook or book.