Feb 23, 2008


Kingsley 'The Duke' Ebigide,my good pal based in Calabar called me some few days back asking if I 'have registered'. 'For what?' I retorted. 'For the Barack Obama for President campaign' he replied. I simply smiled.In my mind I was thinking:'Which one concern me with Barack Obama and US Presidential election? Does Barack winning the Democratic ticket and going ahead to win the presidential election translate to plenty of food on my table,job availabilty;improved health and electricity provision;qualitative education;guaranteed security of lives and property? No doubt there is so much interest on the coming US presidential elections from our own part of the world,obviously for two reasons:Politics devoid of 'wuru-wuru' and the man called Obama.Most Afro-Americans and Africans would want Obama to be the next US President.But the truth is that an Obama presidency in America will not bring an end to the woes of Africa,even in Kenya where Obama's father came from.

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