Feb 9, 2008


I was extremenly happy when I read that a certain 'mad Dog'in the Kenyan police force who shot and killed two protesters, have been arrested and transfered to Nairobi where He is to appear in court.Some weeks back,I watched with utter shock as captured on KTV,how Constable Edward Kirui,during the last protest over electoral irregularities in Kisimu,Western Kenya,shot and felled two unarmed protesters:George Williams Onyango and Ishmel Chaha.He didn't stop at that.He went on to kick the fallen men.How callous can man be! Let justice take its course.
No doubt, we have worse men in the Nigerian Police Force than Constable Edward.There is need to give our policing a human face.Those who have the misfortune of getting into police palaver come out with very bitter tales.

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