Feb 24, 2008


The 2008 Commonwealth Writers' prize for the African region will be announced on 13 March 2008 in Kampala, Uganda.Nigeria has hopeful representations.Ifeoma Chinwuba's Waiting for Maria and Karen King Aribisala's The Hangman's game are vying for theBest Book category with four other South African Writers.Another Nigerian,Sade Adeniran has been shortlisted for the Best First Book category for her self published first Novel titled Imagine This.According to Sade,it took her 5 years to write the novel.'I can't quite believe in myself' an elated Sade could not hide her feelings.Sade,born of Nigerian parents in London,grew up in Nigeria,returned to the UK for her University education.Her first major break into the literary world came when BBC Radio 4 commissioned her first ever radio play 'Memories of a Distance past.' Imagine This is the story of Lola Ogunwale,who was dislocated from life in London,with her brother,Adebola when they were hurriedly moved to Lagos.The complexities of intergrating in Nigeria took its toll on her.''...Lola's journal is a search for love and acceptance,a compelling story about one girl's resilience against the odds,which culminated in the bittersweet fulfilment of a long held desire..''Sade explained.
In 2005,Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie clinched the CWP Best First Book prize with her book,Purple Hibiscus.The rest,as they say is now history. I am already imagining Sade Adeniran re-enacting that feat.Goodluck Girl!!
(Sade's Picture courtesy of Molara Woods' www.wordsbody.blogspot.com)

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