Feb 24, 2008


Everton's Manager,David Moyes have stirred the hornet's nest over his comment that seems to question the age of the club's top striker,Nigeria's Yakubu Aiyegbeni.After Yak scored a hat-trick in Everton's UEFA Cup 6-1 drubbing of SK Brann on thursday,Moyes told the London Guardian Newspaper that:''He's only 25,albeit a Nigerian 25,and so if that is his age,he still got a good few years ahead of him''
That comment didn't go down well with so many Nigerians.Some are already calling Moyes a 'racist'.The Nigerian FA is at the forefront of those calling for Moyes' head.NFA's spokesman,Ademola Olajire is spitting fire.According to him:''We don't take kindly to snide remarks about our players,or our nation and we have sent a strong-worded complaint to the English FA.We will go any lenght to ensure he is brought to book to explain his comment.'' A group called 'Concerned Nigerians' have called on Ambassador Dozie Nwanna,Nigeria's acting High Commissioner to the United Kingdom to immediately demand an apology from David Moyes. Already,Moyes has said that his quip on 'Yaks' was taken out of context.I don't know what is Yakubu's response to this controversy.I want to believe that the guy is keeping his cool.After the teams last UEFA's victory ,while Moyes mouth was 'parroting',Yak told Everton TV in an interview that :''The team is playing well and working hard for each other...we need to achieve something this season and we need to keep going.'' The stuffs of great sportsmen.

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F M Phillips said...

David moyes is a racist and non appreciative manager. He deserve to be fired for being disloyal to a player whose only offence is working hard to make the club win.
Is unfortunate that Yakubu has to face such a direct humiliation from his boss. That s an Evidence of what many of us(Africans) in western world go through daily. even when you are trying to do the right thing