Feb 24, 2008


Recollect those good growing up days when my late dad would 'drop' proverbs in between words.Dad was a typical Anwianvu (Etsako) man who, like those in the Achebean school of thoughts, saw proverbs as 'the palmoil with which words are eaten'.To butress a point either in private or public talks,my old man would dip into his arsenal of African proverbs. He readily had a proverb for any situation.Back then,in the late 80s and early 90s,He was the favourite speaker at events organised by Federal College Of Education (FCE),Kontagora,Rotary Club,Kontagora and Bendel State community,Kontagora in Niger State,Northern Nigeria.
The most interesting proverb my siblings and I enjoyed hearing from our Dad was this one in our Afemai dialect: 'O'kwhu e'ya yi'o egbe,o' sommi ni ono'r kwhu upko yi' egbe!.Translation: One who has people as cover,is better than one who is clothed! Back then,this seemed so funny.But today,when I realize how much I have benefitted from this concept of friendship,the true meaning of my Dad's proverbial saying dawns on me.Without friends,real good friends,we are nothing! I am always thankful to God for crossing my path with very wonderfully extra-ordinary friends in my everyday life,who have made so much difference.I can't stop imagining what life would have been without every single person who have at one time or the other been there with a smile,a hug,a pat,outstretched arms,advice and so much.To the biggest and best friend of them all-Don:Thanks for exemplifying the fact according to the Holy book that ''..a true friend loves more than a brother.''

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