Feb 9, 2008


The ridiculous bill presently before the National Assembly over a national dress code is generating so much controversy.I wonder why prescribing a national dress code should be of so much interest to the lawmakers at the National Assembly when Nigeria had since grounded to a halt.This feeling is best captured in the following comment by The Guardian and Nigerian leading columnist,Rueben Abati:
There are..weighty issues that Nigerians expect the National Assembly to address with greater vigour..why should anyone really bother about a national dress code? We should be more concerned about how to get our Hospitals to work,about how to fix the bad roads across the Nation,about how to upgrade the public school system..we shold be more concerned about the growing army of poor and disgruntled citizens,the menace of disguised unemployment and the rise of criminality.There is insecurity in the land.An exposed part of a female body will not bring down the nation but poverty and crimes are destroying the land..
Well said RA. Just hoping that some one up there is reading this.

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